Hidden Villa: Corporate Team Building & Community Service


We focus so much on the bottom line. On revenue and profit. It’s our full-time job. Sometimes we lose sight of what the community is giving us. The Duveneck family build Hidden Villa to give back to the community. I’ve spoken with people who grew up in the Silicon Valley in the 1970′s and they tell me about what impact this had in their life. A wealthy family sharing their resources to make Hidden Villa a place for kids to learn and for families to bond.

I had the pleasure of volunteering along side other individuals and companies (on that day it was VMWare). We planted Potatoes, Onions and other organic vegetables  This food is going to a co-operative and to the needy. Where in the Silicon Valley can we find that kind of open, caring farm? Right in the middle of the tech world. Hidden Villa is a great way to give back.

Please take sometime and give back. If you can do it at Hidden Villa, I doubt you will be disappointed. My experience has been amazing and I personally dedicated 1 day a month to help. We’re all busy. Make time!!

Take your kids and your family here or volunteer by yourself like I do! Anyone else been to here?

Hidden Villa
26870 Moody Rd  Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
(650) 949-8650